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Hefei Mileer Down Products Co., Ltd.

Hefei Mileer Down Products Co., Ltd. is a raw material manufacturer of duck and goose down in China, founded in 1995 and located in Hefei City, Anhui Province. In the early 1990s, the founder, Mr. Zhu Qihua, rode a human-powered tricycle and shook a rattle to go out early and return late to collect duck and goose feathers. At that time, we were commonly known as "Down Small Traders". In line with the principle of being an old man without deceit, gradually became famous in the local industry, and gradually established a relatively stable supplier and customer system. In the spring of 1995, Mr. Zhu Qihua, who started from scratch, resisted the irony of his peers and the opposition of his family resolutely rented a workshop of less than 500 square meters and set up a factory for the first time, which is the prototype of "Mileer Down".

Over the past 20 years, the current general manager, Mr. Zhu Xiaobin, officially registered Hefei Mileer Down Products Co., Ltd. in July 2004,

Our Standard

Over the past 20 years, after many changes, the current general manager, Mr. Zhu Xiaobin, officially registered Hefei Mileer Down Products Co., Ltd in July 2004, and built a 20,000-square-meter standardized collection, production, processing and storage of down. Modern down enterprise. "Don't forget the original intention to always be", we adhere to the business philosophy of "customer-centric, quality-based survival", step by step, continue to deepen the market, firmly grasp the European standard, American standard, Japanese watch and other different standards of down The production capacity of the company has won unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad, and the product recognition rate has reached 100%.

Company Status

The company is now located in Shiitou Community, Xinzhan District, Hefei City, with more than 80 employees. Has a scientific and sound management system. In order to ensure that each batch of goods is qualified to leave the factory, the company has specially formulated a traceability management system. During the production process, each batch of products is marked with a unique source. Every link must be well documented, and each package of down has a clear source. We Give him an alias of "one tendon". It is the strength of one tendon that can ensure that our customer approval rate reaches 100%; the company has 20,000 square meters of advanced standardized down production, processing, and storage workshops, and implements responsibility To people system management; the company is strong. It has a number of world-class fully automatic down washing production lines, several sets of down separation equipment and down quality testing equipment. The annual production and processing of more than 2,000 tons of fine duck down and more than 500 tons of fine goose down has established long-term partnerships with many domestic and foreign clothing and home textile brands.

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The company has joined the international RDS down certification system in 2021 and obtained customs EU registration. Email: [email protected]